How We Can Help

24/7/365 our certified and experienced technicians are there to board up your property and help you put everything back together.  Our board ups are performed by a team of trained emergency structural stabilization professionals. These trained carpenters use tension bolt fasteners to secure the wood, as opposed to basic nails that can be easily removed.

They will arrive immediately to secure your home or property by boarding the windows, doors, roofs and other openings. The purpose of this is to protect you from intruders, vandalism, rain or any other elements that can be damaging to your property.

Our Guarantee To Be There Fast

When you have a fire, you need service right away—365 days a year. 859 Board Up makes it easy with a direct priority line to your local branch. We’ll respond to your request immediately and will have someone on-site within two hours —guaranteed.


Board Up Process

Step 1
Secure and Board Up

Immediately secure, tarp and board up properties windows, doors and roofs

Step 2

Assess the damages and work directly with your insurance company

Step 3
Pack-out (Content Removal)

Remove contents and items from the fire as soon as possible to prevent contamination and pack out.  It is important to remove items as soon as possible to prevent carcinogenic contamination from soot.  Fire damaged and effected areas will be sealed and deodorization of the structural building or home will also be performed.

Step 4

Begin fire restoration and stabilization of the property.

Step 5

Once items are cleaned properly or replaced, we will perform the pack in and bring all the items back into the property.

Helping Hands Program

Our Helping Hands Program is there to help people that were displaced by a fire.  We understand how scary and nerve racking it can be after a fire; which is why our team is there for you to help you throughout the whole process.  Whether it is a place to stay, food and water or help on what to do next, we are committed to proving you with help to get you through the process.

Certifications and Awards

Our Industry Partners

One of the most important aspects of our business is learning from our customers and strengthening our relationships with them. That’s why we are deeply involved in the property restoration industry through various association memberships.

Boardup Services

Structural Cleanup

  • Fire Restoration

  • Smoke Removal and Restoration

  • Soot Removal

  • Board Up

  • Odor Control

  • Roof Tarping

  • Reconstruction

Content Cleaning

  • Pack Out

  • Content Cleaning

  • Disposal

  • Pack in